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Greenwich Manufacturing Group

Greenwich Manufacturing Group

About the group

The University of Greenwich prides itself, not only in providing students with the skills they need to become key contributors of a future workforce, but also in exploiting our rich portfolio of manufacturing research to provide companies with industry-relevant solutions to help them maintain their competitive position in those parts of the manufacturing value chain where they operate.

The Greenwich Manufacturing Group brings together around one hundred academic staff from all three faculties at the University of Greenwich. With this critical mass and annual research funding grants amounting to around £5 million, the Greenwich Manufacturing Group represents one of the largest groups of university-based manufacturing expertise in the South East of the UK. This expertise in high-value manufacturing covers four main areas:

Key Areas

Computational Modelling and Simulation: developing a deeper understanding of how components and materials behave during manufacture and in the field of use. This is achieved through building virtual, multi-physics and multi-scale models that employ a range of computational approaches.

Industrial Processing: a key area here is bulk solids and particulates handling, ensuring that the fundamental activity of moving aggregates and particulates is performed efficiently and effectively across a wide range of industrial sectors.

Digital Design and Manufacturing Informatics: optimising the management of product and process-related knowledge to improve product design and innovation, reduce manufacturing costs and increase productivity.

Supply Chain Management and Logistics: building the tools to support the management of increasingly complex, global supply chains and to optimise scheduling for a range of logistics-related scenarios.

Our experts and their teams in these four core capability areas provide comprehensive coverage of the GMG High Value Manufacturing Framework (as shown below). We hope that this breadth of expertise together with our commitment to satisfying the real needs of a wide range of manufacturing industries will provide a solid base for collaborations that ultimately make a difference.

Greenwich Manufacturing Group

Core capabilities

Design for Manufacturing: the design and prototyping od innovative products, systems and services.

Manufacturing Processes and Materials: the development of processes to change the form, structure or properties of materials and components.

Manufacturing Systems: the development of systems that integrate and optimise one or more manufacturing processes or technologies.

Business Models for Manufacturing: the organisation of manufacturing processes, systems and people to satisfy customer requirements for products and services.

Sustainable Manufacturing: the design and manufacturing of products with cleaner processes, less waste and low carbon outcomes.